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Say hello to Gail Janicola, the founder of Moms on Top

#MomMentor is the best way to describe founder Gail Janicola and her passionate, holistic approach to childbirth education. Since 1995 Gail has been a certified childbirth educator. She is also a certified health coach, fitness trainer, and pre/postnatal exercise specialist, as well as an Independent Team Beachbody® Coach.

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  • Preparation for a lifetime of maternal empowerment

    Certified through The Bradley Method® of natural childbirth, Gail teaches women to take control of one of the most important experiences of their lives through unbiased, research-based education. A woman fully prepared to make informed choices about her childbirth experience is the catalyst for a lifetime of maternal empowerment.

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  • Gail’s own childbirth experiences

    Gail’s three birth experiences with her own children were all different, but unique and special. She encountered routine intervention and medication during labor as well as a completely natural childbirth—a goal that was realized only after she educated herself.

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  • Health and physical fitness matter

    It is no secret that a strong body contributes to the physical and emotional health of both mother and child before, during, and after childbirth. This is why Gail is so committed to improving women’s health and why physical fitness and nutrition are major components of the Moms on Top teachings.

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  • Living what she teaches

    For 25 years, she has studied and learned what it takes to be a truly happy, confident, successful mother. Above all, her personal and professional growth has been the result of practicing and living these lessons in her own life. Faced with significant challenges—many as a mother—Gail has used each one to become a better parent and a better person.

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No judgments, just information

Gail believes that giving birth is the most uniquely personal experience of a woman’s life. No woman should be coerced into having her baby in a particular way, based on anyone else’s ideas and expectations—vaginally or surgically, naturally or medicated. What she believes is that every woman deserves an education and has a right to know ALL of her options so that she may have the ability to partner with her caregivers in making the informed choices that suit her and her individual needs and desires best. Passion and compassion, and maintaining an open mind and nonjudgmental philosophy, are Gail’s most compelling qualifications because it’s these qualities that create deep and honest connections with everyone she meets and works with.

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