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Hi, I'm Gail Janicola, #MomMentor

I founded Moms On Top because I want to educate women on childbirth and prepare them for a lifetime of maternal empowerment.

As a certified childbirth educator, fitness trainer, health coach, and pre/postnatal exercise specialist, my courses take a holistic approach to childbirth and motherhood. I give you the information you need to create the childbirth experience you want.

I'm also a mom of three. I've encountered routine intervention and medication during labor. I've also had a completely natural childbirth. But I wasn't able to realize that goal until I educated myself.

In my courses, we'll talk about what happens to your body before, during, and after childbirth. We'll talk about what happens in your head and in your heart, too. Because healthy, happy moms are strong in both body and mind.

I want to support you in your quest for happiness. Not just surface happiness, but deep down satisfaction with yourself as a mom and a person.

Because childbirth is such an intimate topic, I encourage you to connect with me before you register for any of my classes.


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